Our Services

Regulatory intelligence, impact assessment and strategic advice

Anticipation and multi-dimensional analysis is a key to success. We identify the early signs and possible impact of new initiatives in the food and health fields, analyse them and their impact and provide guidance for now and the future. We also help build programmes for ongoing issues monitoring to ensure that our clients can efficiently keep fully up to speed with developments and measure potential impacts.

Our clients are currently relying on us for:

  • Monitoring regulatory, policy and scientific developments
  • Guidance on the authorisation processes (e.g. additives, novel foods, claims)
  • Following discussions in Codex Alimentarius committees, formulating positions and building alliances
  • Guidance on structures in companies to manage regulatory complexity
  • Assessment of the impact of regulatory developments on product portfolios
  • Advice on developing regulatory approaches and influence
  • Strategic advice on preparing for future regulatory and policy change

Regulatory support and market entry strategy

Looking for regulatory certainty in business development and new product launches can be challenging given the many diverse and sometimes conflicting laws in place. Through our long experience of legislation and market practice, we lead companies to the best way to identify opportunities, apply the law and avoid the risk of being challenged in a competitive environment.

Our clients are currently relying on us for:

  • New product development strategies
  • Compliance checks and product audits
  • Hotline services for product launches
  • Guidance on new ingredient applications and data gap analysis
  • Advice on registration and notification dossiers
  • Audits of product labels, claims, marketing and POS materials
  • New product assessments
  • Label checks

Analysis and advice on the application of science in regulation

Throughout the world, science is the key driver of regulation and policy in food, nutrition and health. It is no accident that more than half of all staff in EAS have a scientific background, since correctly understanding the science and how that science may be used in regulation and policy across the world is critical to both companies and government.

Our scientific engagement work currently includes:

  • In-depth gap analysis of available data and study protocol forms in the framework of regulatory approval processes
  • Interpretation of scientific opinions and authoritative statements
  • Impact of new scientific opinions on existing and future product strategy
  • Managing implications of negative scientific outcomes

Professional development

Over the years EAS Strategies has shared its knowledge with thousands of professionals in industry and government through our workshops, tailor-made company trainings and speaking opportunities at events worldwide. Whether you are new to regulation and policy in this area, or need to develop your knowledge in a specific area, our experts have extensive experience of building training programmes to support professional development.

We are currently helping our clients’ professional development through:

  • In-house company and government masterclasses to bring a range of teams up to the same level of understanding on important regulatory and policy issues
  • On-boarding new regulatory and government affairs staff
  • Presentations to in-house marketing teams about the relevance and importance of regulation