We are passionate about creating, shaping and interpreting regulation and policy

We are EAS Strategies

Our company is a specialist consultancy in regulation and policy in the food, nutrition and health fields. Since 1992, we have worked with many hundreds of clients across the world to understand their needs and provide recommendations and solutions based on our combined expertise.


Regulatory intelligence, impact assessment and strategic advice

Anticipation and multi-dimensional analysis is a key to success. We identify the early signs and possible impact of new initiatives in the food and health fields, analyse them and their impact and provide guidance for now and the future.

Regulatory support and market entry strategy

Looking for regulatory certainty in business development and new product launches can be challenging, given the many diverse and sometimes conflicting laws in place.

Analysis and advice on the application of science in regulation

Throughout the world, science is the key driver of regulation and policy in food, nutrition and health. It is no accident that more than half of all staff in EAS have a scientific background, since correctly understanding the science and how that science may be used in regulation and policy across the world, is critical to both companies and government.

Professional development

Over the years EAS Strategies has shared its knowledge with thousands of professionals in industry and government through our workshops, tailor-made company trainings and speaking opportunities at events worldwide.

We bring together a diverse group of individuals who are leaders in their fields and trusted advisers to government and business. To achieve what we do requires a wide range of skill sets, backgrounds and experience. Our team is composed primarily of experts with political, scientific and legal backgrounds.